The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce now offers an Association Retirement Plan (ARP) to help our small business members access more affordable and robust 401(k) investment options. The announcement comes after the US Department of Labor (DOL) issued regulations governing ARPs this past summer.

The Metro Chamber is among the first associations (and likely the very first) in the United States to offer an ARP. It has been working with the DOL, as well as retirement plan experts, to establish a robust ARP to help you provide high-quality retirement plan choices. The plan is ready for enrollment.

Currently, small businesses are often limited by retirement plan choices and incur higher administrative fees because they don’t have the buying power of a larger company. The new ARP rule, effective now, allows multiple small employers to pool their assets. By joining together through the Las Vegas Chamber ARP, small businesses will be able to attract a better deal from investment advisors as well as enjoy lower fees.

Another benefit of the Las Vegas Chamber ARP is that members that utilize the plan do not need to worry about many of the administrative duties, such as IRS filings, as these functions will be handled on behalf of employers by the association.

The plan will be managed and administrated by Caldera Wealth Management, a long-time Chamber member. It specializes in creating tailored strategies that address complex wealth management issues or business obstacles and is known for its excellent customer service.

Caldera Wealth Management is now taking applications for the plan.

Metro Chamber Chairman Terry Shirey announced in his installation speech in December 2018 that the Chamber intended to establish an ARP to give its members more robust and affordable retirement plan options to help their employees save for their future. This is another great Chamber benefit to deliver meaningful value to your business.

Take the opportunity to learn about the ARP and ask questions about how the plan will help your business and employees by contacting us at 702.846.401k (4015).

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