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The Vegas Chamber is the voice for your business in government. It fights for your business every day, actively developing and promoting policy positions on critical issues impacting the business community, as well as continuously asserting its role as the leading business organization in the state on your behalf at all levels of government.

This is done by engaging elected officials in meaningful policy discussions on your behalf using a common sense approach. Does it help Vegas businesses in the short and long term? If the answer is “yes,” we want to help make it happen with your help. Find a way to team up with us to more business forward together.

Keeping Us Moving Forward

Policy Priorities

Together, we proactively look for ways to improve business in our city, state, and federal levels. Every year we review these priorities to keep Vegas moving forward and find new opportunities for you. Join one of our committees (above) to lend your voice!

The Vegas Chamber’s Government Affairs team engages locally to ensure a visible and engaged presence across all local municipalities, advocating on issues such as education, transportation, infrastructure, water, and health care, that will impact businesses and taxpayers, the Chamber is the leading voice of business in Las Vegas, and in Nevada broadly.

The Chamber also collaborates with crucial Southern Nevada entities such as Clark County School District, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Las Vegas Valley Water District, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, and Southern Nevada Health District.

Local Priorities:

  • Ensuring a visible and engaged presence at local governments and in areas of education, transportation, infrastructure, water, and health on policy initiatives that will impact businesses and taxpayers
  • Supporting vibrant, robust downtown business communities in the Cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas while advocating for policies at Clark County that foster economic growth and job creation
  • Advocating for more responsive government in regards to reducing government bureaucracy, lowering the cost of business, and streamlining the cost of government that are proven to enhance efficiency and reduce waste
  • Determining a balanced role of government and the private sector in regards to services provided to the community

Every legislative session brings together engaged Nevadans – state legislators, community organizations, chambers of commerce, business trade associations, organized labor, think tanks, special interest groups, and residents – to discuss, debate, and build consensus regarding challenges and opportunities in the state.

The decisions made – or not made – have a direct impact on the lives and livelihoods of the 3.2 million people who call Nevada home. The lens through which legislation is considered is vitally important to the future of the state, Nevada residents, and future generations.

One important principle that the Vegas Chamber believes is essential towards legislative measures, is taking a common sense approach. Nevadans want common sense legislation. Common sense legislation is practical, fair, and based on consensus. It should be reasonable in nature and help the greatest number of people. Legislation should not be extreme or radical in its approach. Common sense is something that we each embrace in our daily lives and an expectation that we should have for policy makers at the State Legislature.

Common sense, as defined by Britannica is, “The ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions.”

A common sense approach to good governance considers:

  • Is the problem truly in need of a legislative or government solution?
  • What are the long-term ramifications and unintended consequences of the proposal?
  • Will it help or harm employers, small businesses, job creation, or the economic climate?

Common sense matters in governance because it demonstrates to constituents that lawmakers are focused on the big picture; are open-minded and transparent; and want to address issues that are truly problematic.

Vegas Chamber End of Legislative Session Report – 2023

During the session, more than 1,000 bills were introduced. Of those, the Chamber tracked 822 bills and testified on 172 of them. More than 60 legislative bills were identified as ones that would damage or deter economic prosperity for Nevada’s employers, employees, and their families.

The Chamber worked tirelessly and led the charge with community leaders and other business and trade organizations to ensure there was a clear and unified voice on matters important to Nevada’s employers. As a result of this united business voice, nearly all the bad bills were either defeated or mitigated. Bills that would have burdened businesses with higher costs and regulations; increased costs to taxpayers by enacting more prevailing wage requirements; and bills that would have harmed economic development by making Nevada less competitive in attracting new businesses and industries.

The Vegas Chamber maintains a presence on federal issues through an engaged contract team at The Porter Group and by engaging on strategic priorities important to the growth and development of Nevada in the global economy. The Vegas Chamber has been instrumental in several federal issues in recent years, including the designation of Tule Springs as Nevada’s first national monument and the passage of Interstate 11, which will connect Phoenix and Las Vegas (the two largest cities in the U.S. not connected by an interstate).

Recap of the 2023 Washington, D.C. Fly-In

Monday, Sept. 18 – Thursday, Sept. 21

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Engage With Legislators

Chamber Advocate

We will walk you through the process of writing and calling legislators, as well as provide you with talking points if you want to post to social media or even testify on bills during legislative committee meetings. We will make it easy for you to get involved as we are here to advocate on your behalf. Your stories make the costs and benefits real to legislators, so help us make Southern Nevada the best place to do business.

Become An Advocate

We want to make sure that legislators know exactly who will be affected by their decisions. Help the Vegas Chamber advocate better on your behalf, as we keep you informed and make sure your voice is heard loud and clear!

A Megaphone to Legislators

Policy Committees

We established Policy Committees exclusively for Chamber members and their employees to engage in conversations on topics and issues relevant and impactful to our community. Policy committees give members an opportunity to participate in dialogue with industry and community leaders, subject matter and policy experts, and others on Southern Nevada’s most pressing issues.

Join a Committee

All our committees need you to share your perspective to make our city better. They meet on various schedules but all have a main focus. You can read them below and email to join one today.

Education Policy Committee

The Education Policy Committee is committed to supporting the development of a skilled workforce needed for regional economic growth and expansion. This committee engages in primary, secondary and higher education issues focusing on quality schools, closing achievement gaps, and examines trends, policies, and areas of interest in the subject of workplace.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Economic Development & Workforce Policy Committee

Economic Development Policy Committee is designed to support, foster, and advance development and redevelopment projects in Southern Nevada. This group focuses on the current economic development needs and plans for emerging economic and social demands to assert Southern Nevada’s position as a prime destination for business.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Federal Affairs Policy Committee

The Federal Affairs Policy Committee maintains a robust presence on federal issues by engaging on strategic priorities that are designed to move Southern Nevada’s economy forward. This is done by engaging with a variety of federal policy makers, stakeholders, and think-tanks in Washington, D.C. This committee works to educate members with Nevada’s Congressional delegation on major strategic federal policy issues that impact global competitiveness and the ability for businesses to create and retain jobs.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Gaming & Tourism Policy Committee

The Gaming and Tourism Policy Committee recognizes the importance of tourism and gaming as an essential element of the economic development and prosperity in Southern Nevada. The committee analyzes and supports policies that strengthen Las Vegas’ places as the top destination for gaming, tourism, conventions, entertainment, sports, and business.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Healthcare & Insurance Policy Committee

Healthcare & Insurance Policy Committee concentrates its efforts on the quality and consistency of healthcare and insurance services an important tenant to the overall well-being and future growth of the Southern Nevada. The committee acknowledges the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and there identifies opportunity for growth to help diversify Nevada’s workforce. This committee is charged with informing and educating employers, and employees to promote statewide access to high quality health care.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Legal & Financial Services Policy Committee

Legal & Financial Services Policy Committee focuses on legal reform Tort reform measures and a strong financial service industry as the cornerstone to improving Nevada’s competitiveness in the marketplace. This committee works to ensures members are educated on Nevada’s legal system for settling disputes, tort reform, and environment for business-friendly litigation. A well-balanced legal environment helps create a business-friendly environment for businesses to open, expand, and thrive. The committee also works with the financial services industry to develop innovative practices in the marketplace.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Local Government Policy Committee

The Local Government Policy Committee works to study proposed government activities/ordinances for their impact on business and favorably influence the actions of local governments in Southern Nevada to create and enhance a positive business environment. The committee invites local government elected and appointed officials to discuss issues that affect the business community.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Transportation, Infrastructure & Construction Policy Committee

The Transportation, Infrastructure & Construction Policy Committee is committed to improving the condition and performance of its infrastructure for regional, national, and global competitiveness. This committee promotes and supports understanding, development, funding, and implementation of infrastructure projects in Southern Nevada and examines statewide policies related to transportation, infrastructure, and construction, including highways, bridges, waterways, transit, railways, and runways, in addition to commercial and residential construction.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Water, Energy, Public Lands & Natural Resources Policy Committee

The Water, Energy, Public Lands & Natural Resources Policy Committee’s objective is to educate members and the community on environmental policies that are responsive to Southern Nevada’s unique needs. The committee is committed to investing in energy research, education, commercialization, and energy policies. The committee promotes a vibrant and growing economy while maintaining and managing the region’s water supply and other natural resources.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Policy Committee

The AI and Cybersecurity Policy Committee is the newest committee to join our Policy Committee series. In response to the lightning-fast, exponential growth of the Artificial Intelligence industry and its pressure on cybersecurity, the Chamber recognized a need to keep our membership current on the latest developments in this sector.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

Military Affairs Committee

The Military Affairs Committee provides recognition to our local military community, which is comprised of active-duty personnel, reserve personnel, veterans, and their respective spouses and families; helps members of the Vegas Chamber conduct more business with Nellis, Creech, and the Nevada National Security Site; and encourages businesses to hire veterans.

Committee Chair – Chris Crooks

Christopher Crooks is a Senior Managing Director based at the firm’s Las Vegas office. Chris and his team advise tenants, property owners and developers of office and industrial buildings in making strategic decisions that are critical to the success of their operations. Acting as a non-budgetary real estate department, the team’s high-level strategic process is designed to deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients and to maximize the value of their leased or owned real estate.

Prior to joining Newmark, Chris spent 24 years at Cresa in Boston and Washington, D.C. In his vision to expand specialty tenant representation services, he spearheaded numerous company initiatives while at Cresa, including co-founding the Armed Forces Practice Group in 2016 and an educational and cultural platform for the company’s national board of directors which he was elected to in 2014. Additionally, Chris was a Manager and Senior Associate at Heberger & Associates/Lexington Partners from 1992 to 1995, adding commercial appraisal experience to his professional arsenal.

Email Trevor Parrish to join –

The Friend of Business


Since 2007, 87% of candidates who received a contribution through BizPAC were elected. We help elect business-friendly policymakers, work to pass laws that protect business, and ensure your interests are front of mind for our elected officials.

Advocating for Business 

Your Vegas Chamber is your voice with Nevada’s elected officials and policy makers. Our Government Affairs team is engaged every day at the local, state, and federal levels of government, with the mission to protect our employer-friendly business climate, and ensure you have the support you need to grow and thrive.

Central to the Chamber’s success is ensuring we have business-friendly policymakers at both local and state levels of government. During the 2024 election season, we endorsed around 45 candidates after a rigorous endorsement process with our Government Affairs Committee, a diverse group of business leaders representing our community’s interests and goals. There will be additional endorsements made this summer.

This process is made possible through BizPAC, the Chamber’s bipartisan state and local PAC, funded by our members and FOR our members. Your contributions to BizPAC go directly to supporting candidates that will stand up for Chamber members and good, sensible policy that keeps our business community at the forefront.

A strong PAC signals the collective power of the Chamber, its members, and the broad-based business community.

Give to BizPAC

Every gift amount includes the perks of all previous tiers.

$100 – Bronze Contributor enamel pin, acknowledgement on the BizPAC Recognition page in the Taking Care of Business magazine, on a personal thank you letter

$500 – 1 complimentary BizPAC event, Silver Supporter enamel pin, acknowledgement on the BizPAC Recognition page in the Taking Care of Business magazine, personal thank you letter

$1,000 – 1 complimentary BizPAC event, Gold Champion enamel pin, acknowledgement on the BizPAC Recognition page in the Taking Care of Business magazine, personal thank you from Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee over email, a personal thank you letter

$3,000 – 2 complimentary BizPAC events, acknowledgement on the BizPAC Recognition page in the Taking Care of Business magazine, personal thank you from Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee over email, a personal thank you letter

$5,000 – Invitation to a BizPAC largest contributors’ exclusive reception, 3 complimentary BizPAC events, acknowledgement on the BizPAC Recognition page in the Taking Care of Business magazine, personal thank you from Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee over email, a personal thank you letter

Summarizing Legislature for You

Research and Reports

As a data-driven organization, the Chamber utilizes public policy and research reports to advocate, educate, and promote important legislation within our community. This helps further economic development, support regional competitiveness and maintain a pro-prosperity environment for Chamber members, like you.

In the report and analysis prepared by RCG Economics LLC, it is estimated that the incremental costs of implementing collective bargaining for state workers to the State of Nevada would cause “an increase of approximately $1.7 billion to $1.75 billion per year by 2034, or by an annual 6.9 to 7.1 percent, above the current policy of no collective bargaining for state workers”. Take a look at the full report:

After each legislative session, the Vegas Chamber releases a comprehensive legislative summary book detailing the bills in which it engaged, how they would impact the business community, the Chamber’s position on the bill, and the outcome of it.

As stewards of economic development and regional competitiveness, it's crucial to evaluate the implications of legislative initiatives. We encourage stakeholders to delve into the full report to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential ramifications.