By Betty Boyd, Military Affairs Committee

In our Veterans Corner interview, we like to introduce Elizabeth Kueker, a Munitions Flight Commander out of Creech AFB. She has been with the Air Force for three years. One of Elizabeth’s greatest influences was the stories of leadership and comradery told by her great grandfather who served in WWII. Another was her father who served in the Army and was in the Desert Storm conflict.

Elizabeth has served in different leadership positions and her biggest influence position while in high school, was in the Future Farmers of America (FFA). She was the chapter president over the largest chapter with 300 students. She was able to connect with each one through encouragement, developing life skills, and even helping them with public speaking. This experience transitioned directly into her position as a military officer.

Leadership is very important to Elizabeth. “Leadership doesn’t have a set definition, but it depends upon the person and the position they are in. Just because you are in a certain position doesn’t automatically make you a leader and sometimes managers don’t understand the difference.”

Elizabeth goes onto to say, “Leadership is influence over their followers; Taking care of people shows servant leadership. Transactional leadership is where a leader is adaptable to various situations. Both are needed in military leadership”

Elizabeth will be transiting out of the military in 2021 and would like to pursue a career in logistics while completing her Master’s Degree in Leadership.

Elizabeth we thank you for service, being a servant leader, and continued success in your future endeavors.

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