Prescription drugs can be a significant cost for you, your employees, and your patients.  Here are some numbers to bear in mind:

  • Pharmaceuticals account for about 22 percent of the cost of insurance premiums.
  • Prices for popular brand name drugs rose 208 percent from 2008-2016.
  • Buyers are spending over $450 billion annually to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis and several cancers.
  • 40 percent of people could not manage payments and asked their doctor or pharmacist for a cheaper alternative.
  • 89 percent of all prescriptions written are for generics alternatives
  • 26 percent of all dollars spent on prescriptions are on generic alternatives

Nevada Drug Card can help relieve the “sticker shock” your patients feel each time they pay for a prescription.  Nevada Drug Card is an Rx savings program you can offer to your patients and save them up to 75 percent off the retail price. Additionally, each time the Nevada Drug Card is utilized at a pharmacy, a donation is made to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

This Rx savings program was launched to help uninsured and underinsured residents afford their prescription medications.  Nevada Drug Card can be used by patients that have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits, which is common in many health savings accounts (HSA) and high deductible health plans.  The Rx savings program can also be used by individuals who have prescription coverage but are taking medications not covered by their insurance.

Any physicians who are interested in ordering free cards for their clinic/hospital can email Suzanne Domoracki, Program Development Director, at