The Vegas Chamber would like to thank Governor Sisolak, the State Treasurer, the Legislature and GOED for their efforts in providing an additional $50 million to Nevada’s struggling small businesses.
Because of COVID, our state’s businesses continue to face unprecedented challenges.

Our businesses are fragile; many are still struggling to survive because of the pandemic. Too many have had no choice but to close their doors. These small employers are your neighbors, your family members, and most importantly, our fellow Nevadans.

However, programs like the PETS Grant give our small businesses hope by providing the resources they need to survive, recover and preserve jobs.

In the initial launch of the PETS program in 2020, many Vegas Chamber members benefited from the program like small women-owned businesses, non-profits, startups and family-owned businesses. These grants not only helped small businesses but also helped save jobs.

Continuing to support Nevada’s small businesses is essential to our economic recovery, putting Nevadans back to work, and diversifying our economy.

Thank you to Nevada’s leaders for their support of Nevada’s small employers bypassing this important piece of legislation to dedicate more resources through the PETS Grant program.