Help a Business; Thank a Hero
Vegas Chamber Launches Gift Card Program to Support Local Businesses and First Responders
Partnership with Switch, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation and ItsOnMe®
will drive much-needed revenue to help small businesses

Today, the Vegas Chamber announces an unprecedented partnership with Switch, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Foundation, and ItsOnMe® to launch the “Switch to Kindness” campaign to support local businesses and first responders. The program offers a one-stop shop platform for the public to purchase electronic gift cards from local businesses, which will then be distributed to Southern Nevada first responders by the LVMPD Foundation. Gift cards may also be purchased and sent directly to friends, family, colleagues, and other recipients of choice.

The program is through the ItsOnMe® portal, a Las Vegas-based company that makes it easy for consumers to gift local and has been utilized for gift-a-meal programs in other cities. (More information about the company can be found here

The electronic gift card will be delivered directly through an email system that leads to a recipient of choice or to the LVMPD Foundation to be donated to a first responder. The LVMPD Foundation administers the distribution of the gift cards to Southern Nevada first responders through its existing, proven distribution network.

“The LVMPD Foundation is proud to be a partner in this exciting campaign, because we know that our officers and other first responders and healthcare professionals will greatly appreciate the community supporting them in this special way,” said Tom Kovach, executive director of the LVMPD Foundation. “Additionally, we are pleased to be serving as the fiscal agent allowing community members to make tax-deductible contributions to the campaign through the LVMPD Foundation to purchase gift cards.”

This partnership not only supports Southern Nevada’s businesses by bringing much needed cash into their operations, but also provides an opportunity to thank the tireless and selfless efforts of Southern Nevada’s frontline first responders like law enforcement, healthcare, fire and emergency medical services personnel, or show appreciation to recipients of choice.

“The Vegas Chamber is proud to launch this partnership to help a business and thank a hero. The Switch to Kindness program will infuse money to struggling businesses that need help now while thanking our first responders who are selflessly working on the front lines to keep our community stay healthy and safe,” said Mary Beth Sewald, president and CEO of the Vegas Chamber.

The program is sponsored by Switch and is open to Vegas Chamber member-businesses, including businesses that are currently operating, as well as companies that have had to suspend their operations because of COVID-19. Businesses that are not currently Vegas Chamber members may participate by signing up for a temporary free Vegas Chamber membership through the Chamber’s website.
“We commend the Vegas Chamber and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation for this unprecedented partnership to help our first responders and health care providers as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis. On behalf of our company and our family of employees, Switch is honored to be part of this relief effort,” said Betsy Fretwell, SVP of Switch Cities.
Interested businesses that would like to be listed on the site for e-gift card purchases can register through the website.

To purchase gift cards through the program, go to and click the “Switch to Kindness” link.