Today, the Vegas Chamber announces its final endorsements for the 2020 General election, including races for Nevada Supreme Court, Nevada Legislature, Clark County Commission, and boards of education, in addition to Ballot Question 1.

Endorsements are decided by the organization’s Government Affairs Committee, comprised of 29 Chamber members from several different industries. Government Affairs Committee members interviewed candidates, discussing policy positions and priorities, knowledge and comprehension of business issues, and vision for the region and state. Recommendations were made to the full Government Affairs Committee for final approval.

The endorsements are based on each candidate’s voting record on the Chamber’s priority bills (if incumbents), stated positions on policies important to businesses, understanding of issues impacting employers, education, and the regional economy, as well as willingness to work with the Vegas Chamber and the business community on a variety of matters.

“These are tough times for our community at every level, from the economy and job losses to our education system,” says Hugh Anderson, chairman of the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee. “It is essential that we elect candidates at all levels who truly understand the challenges employers face and will make decisions that will support job creation, workforce development, and economic growth. Our economic future is truly at stake.”

The full list of Vegas Chamber 2020 General Election endorsements is below:


Question 1: Yes


Seat D: Douglas Herndon (NP)


District 4: Dina Neal, (D)
District 5: Carrie Buck (R)
District 15: Heidi Gansert (R)
District 18: Scott Hammond (R)
District 19: Pete Goicoechea (R)


District 1: Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D)
District 2: Heidi Kasama (R)
District 8: Jason Frierson (D)
District 9: Steve Yeager (D)
District 10: Rochelle Nguyen (D)
District 13: Tom Roberts (R)
District 14: Maggie Carlton (D)
District 15: Howard Watts (D)
District 22: Melissa Hardy (R)
District 23: Glen Leavitt (R)
District 25: Jill Tolles (R)
District 26: Lisa Krasner (R)
District 29: Steven DeLisle (R)
District 31: Jill Dickman (R)
District 32: Alexis Hansen (R)
District 33: John Ellison (R)
District 36: Greg Hafen (R)
District 38: Robin Titus (R)
District 40: PK O’Neill (R)
District 41: Sandra Jauregui (D)
District 42: Alex Assefa (D)


District 1: Tim Hughes (NP)
District 4: Mark Newburn (NP)


District A: Michael Naft (D)
District B: Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D)


District A: Liberty Leavitt (NP)
District C: Evelyn Morales (NP)
District E: Lola Brooks (NP)