Las Vegas – Today, the Vegas Chamber is releasing a statement regarding the recent allegations by Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Melody Rose of a hostile work environment:

“The recent complaint and allegations by Chancellor Rose highlight the longstanding governance and conduct challenges with the Board of Regents. Unfortunately, the Nevada System of Higher Education, under the leadership of the Board of Regents, has been plagued with myriad questionable actions and behaviors for many years, undermining the public institutions of higher learning in our state. The Regents and NSHE should be held to the highest of standards for their conduct and practices both collectively and individually. The Vegas Chamber believes that based on these most recent allegations, it would be prudent for the Board Chair and Vice Chair to step aside while the independent investigation of this complaint is conducted. If the allegations are proven to be true, these Regents should be held accountable and resign immediately. It is time for true governance and culture reform of NSHE and the Board of Regents for the sake of all Nevadans and the future of our state.”