Las Vegas – Today, the Vegas Chamber is releasing a statement regarding the agenda of the upcoming CCSD school board meeting that is slated for Thursday, October 28, 2021:

“Stable and consistent leadership at Clark County School District from the Board of Trustees and Superintendent are essential for our students to succeed, especially now as our local schools recover from the very adverse impacts of the pandemic on K-12 education.  Unfortunately, it appears that some of the Clark County Board of School Trustees have lost focus. Instead of concentrating on student achievement and success, as well as significant staffing challenges, some board members are bringing forth agenda items for Thursday’s CCSD meeting that demonstrate the ongoing misguided focus and distractions that have consumed the school district.

“The Vegas Chamber urges the school board to not move forward on these divisive agenda items scheduled for the October 28 meeting and to come together for the sake of the 320,000 students for whom they are responsible.  Now is the time for the school trustees and the Superintendent to collaborate harmoniously for the sake of students.  If CCSD leaders fails at this, they are failing an entire generation of Southern Nevada students, as well as our community.”