The Vegas Chamber announces its final endorsements for the Primary Election.  The endorsements include the Nevada State Senate, State Assembly, Board of Regents, State Board of Education, County Commission, Clark County Board of School Trustees, and City Council races. 

 The endorsements are based on each candidate’s voting record on the Chamber’s priority bills (if incumbents), stated positions on policies important to businesses, understanding of issues impacting employers and the regional economy, commitment to student achievement and educational excellence, as well as willingness to work with the Vegas Chamber and the business community on a variety of issues.

Candidate endorsements are decided by the Vegas Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee, comprised of 29 members representing a vast array of employers from several different industries. Government Affairs Committee members interviewed approximately 100 candidates, discussing policy positions and priorities, knowledge of business issues, and vision for the region and state. Recommendations were made to the full Government Affairs Committee and voted on at its April and May meetings.

The Vegas Chamber will make additional endorsements in the General Election later this summer.


The Chamber’s State Legislature bi-partisan list of endorsed candidates’ incudes 39 races for the Nevada State Senate and Assembly.

State Senate

  • District 1: Michelee “Shelly” Crawford (D)
  • District 3: Rochelle Nguyen (D)
  • District 4: Dina Neal (D)
  • District 5: Carrie Ann Buck (R)
  • District 6: Nicole Cannizzaro (D)
  • District 15: Angie Taylor (D)
  • District 18: John Steinbeck (R)

State Assembly

  • District 1: Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D)
  • District 2: Heidi Kasama (R)
  • District 3: Selena Torres (D)
  • District 4: Lisa Cole (R)
  • District 5: Brittney Miller (D)
  • District 7: Tanya Flanagan (D)
  • District 8: Duy Nguyen (D)
  • District 9: Steve Yeager (D)
  • District 10: Venise Karris (D)
  • District 11: Cinthia Moore (D)
  • District 13: Brian Hibbetts (R)
  • District 14: Erica Mosca (D)
  • District 15: Howard Watts III (D)
  • District 17: Mishon Montgomery (D)
  • District 18: Venicia Considine (D)
  • District 19: Thaddeus “Toby” Yurek (R)
  • District 21: Elaine Marzola (D)
  • District 22: Melissa Hardy (R)
  • District 23: Danielle Gallant (R)
  • District 25: Diana Sande (R)
  • District 26: Rich DeLong (R)
  • District 27: Alex Velto (D)
  • District 29: Joe Dalia (D)
  • District 32: Alexis Hansen (R)
  • District 33: Bert Gurr (R)
  • District 35: Dr. Rebecca Edgeworth (R)
  • District 36: Gregory Hafen II (R)
  • District 38: Gregory Koenig (R)
  • District 39: Ken Gray (R)
  • District 40: P.K. O’Neill (R)
  • District 41: Sandra Jauregui (D)
  • District 42: Tracy Brown-May (D)


The Chamber’s endorsements for local government races reflect candidates who are committed to working with employers on efforts to strengthen workforce development initiatives, diversify the economy, and streamline the business licensing and regulation process.

Clark County Commission

  • District A: Michael Naft (D)
  • District B: Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D)

Las Vegas City Council (Non-Partisan)

  • Ward 1: Brian Knudsen
  • Ward 3: Olivia Diaz

North Las Vegas City Ballot Questions

The Chamber is endorsing North Las Vegas City Ballot Questions 1 and 2 in the upcoming City of North Las Vegas Primary Election on June 11, 2024. Question 1, also recognized as Fund 268, focuses on maintaining funding for street maintenance, parks, and the North Las Vegas Fire Department.

Question 2, recognized as Fund 287, provides funding to enhance public emergency and safety services for the North Las Vegas Police Department, Community Corrections Center, and Animal Protective Services.

Both measures are integral to maintaining the economic health of North Las Vegas.

  • Question 1: Yes
  • Question 2: Yes

North Las Vegas City Council (Non-Partisan)

  • Ward 2: Ruth Garcia Anderson
  • Ward 4: Richard Cherchio

Henderson City Council (Non-Partisan)

  • Ward 1: Jim Seebock
  • Ward 2: Dan Shaw
  • Ward 4: Dan Stewart


The Chamber’s recommendations are based on candidates’ views on student achievement, understanding of the role of education in workforce development, board governance and reform, and the pledge to work harmoniously with the community, stakeholders, teachers, board colleagues, and CCSD administration.

Board of Regents (Non-Partisan)

  • District 1:  Carlos Fernandez

State Board of Education (Non-Partisan)

  • District 3: Rene Cantu
  • District 4: Tim Hughes

Clark County Board of School Trustees Endorsements (Non-Partisan)

  • Clark County School District A:  Emily Stevens
  • Clark County School District C: Tameka Henry